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Jacqueline Chow

Hi, I’m Jacq.

I have been providing advisory-based services in the banking and financial advisory industry since 2011. Throughout my career, I have assisted more than 300 clients, helping them gain clarity in their portfolios and achieve their financial milestones.

What truly drives me is the deep satisfaction I feel when I grant my clients the freedom to live as they desire, free from the stress and worries that financial uncertainties can bring.

Together with my dedicated team, we look beyond mere numbers. While facts and figures are crucial, we value the personal touch even more. To us, our clients aren't just customers — they're our friends. We pride ourselves on our unwavering commitment to service excellence and our ability to foster strong, enduring relationships.

Our approach to financial planning is holistic. We delve into various areas, including insurance, investment, mortgage analysis, retirement planning, provisions for children's education fees, estate planning, employee benefits, and more. Furthermore, we offer pre-planning services for Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) and have in-house legal counsel to assist clients with LPA and will-writing needs.

By assisting clients in consolidating their assets and providing a comprehensive overview, we ensure that they fully grasp the breadth of their holdings, whether that includes properties, REITs, or other valuable assets.

Our mission? To help each client realise their financial dreams, and to do so with transparency, compassion, and genuine care.

Meet Our Team

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Hayley Huang

Wealth Manager
Hayley is a seasoned Wealth Manager who had been providing financial advisory services since 2017. Specializing in customized financial solutions and insurance expertise, Hayley is dedicated to building trust with clients. Discover her unique insights and get personalized financial guidance.
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Caleb Goh

Wealth Manager
Caleb Goh is a seasoned Wealth Manager in Singapore with over a decade of experience in financial services. Specializing in tailored financial solutions, insurance expertise, and wealth management, Caleb is committed to building trust with clients. Explore his unique insights and receive personalized financial guidance today.
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Zu Wei Ren

Wealth Associate
Zu Wei Ren is a dedicated Wealth Associate on an exciting journey in the financial world. With a fresh perspective and an open mind, Wei Ren specializes in understanding clients' unique needs and crafting tailored solutions. Discover timeless financial advice for long-term success.
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Zack Wong

Wealth Associate
Zack Wong is an experienced Wealth Associate with a diverse clientele and 4 years of financial expertise. Specializing in offering tailored financial guidance to fresh graduates stepping into the world of earning and high net worth individuals seeking wealth preservation and growth. Discover his passion for stock trading and valuable financial insights as a member of the G.E.M. Team.
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Gabbie Chua

Wealth Associate
Gabbie Chua is a dedicated Wealth Associate at G.E.M. with a passion for learning and serving clients. Specializes in understanding each client's unique needs and crafting tailored solutions. Discover his journey, his fresh perspective, and his commitment to building lasting relationships.
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Yi Xiang

Wealth Associate
Yi Xiang is a dedicated Wealth Associate at G.E.M. specializing in helping clients better prepare for sudden hiccups in life.
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Angelia Phua

Angelia Phua is a dedicated secretary who has grown and thrived in her role, inspired by the top-notch service standards set by Jacqueline and the team. Explore her passion for assisting clients and her role within the G.E.M. family.
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